Tango Sonoro - Book tickets online now or call 01752 892220

Sat 1 Apr 2017 8pm 

Tickets: £12/10 concessions. Available online, by calling 01752 892220 or in person from the Box Office

Noelle, Judy and Jonathan go back a long way as members of the Plymouth Symphony Orchestra and form the core of Tango Sonoro. Their backgrounds are mainly in classical music.

They have been playing Argentine Tango Music since 2010.

Recently Tango Sonoro have been joined by Laura Deignan, who also played in the Plymouth Symphony for a while and who is currently studying for a degree in music at the Royal Welsh College in Cardiff. Whilst her instrument the clarinet is not usually associated with tango music, it is related to the bandoneon as both are reed instruments. It compliments the other instruments and suits the tango very well.

Argentine Tango is beautiful in its instrumental form, but when sung, it has yet more depth. Tango Sonoro is lucky to have the versatile Judy Whitlock, who is able to play the double bass and sing at the same time. Many of our pieces feature both her playing and singing.

During the evening there will be room for anyone who would like to get up and dance.

We will be serving a wine and cheese plate prior to the show for an additional £6.50 please book your wine and cheese when booking your tickets